[Harp-L] Galway Sessions Harmonica Festival, Ireland.

Cathal Johnson cathaljohnson@xxxxx
Tue Jun 19 13:56:05 EDT 2018

Richard Hunter wrote:
Sounds great.  I happened to hear Rick Epping with his then-trio in Dublin
a few years ago, and it was joyous and inspiring.  Didn't see Will Pound's
name up there though--does he happen to be busy on the preferred dates?

Regards, Richard Hunter

Was that Iron Lung, Triple Harp Bypass? They're great! Saw them myself
around the same time Richard.

Will Pound did get in touch with me after the event... Running on a tight
budget we accommodated mainly Irish harmonica player who are important to
the harmonica and it's development in Ireland this time round. Hopefully
next year we can build on this and have international harmonica players

The event was a great success and very enjoyable with a great vibe and buzz
about the place. The clip below is myself and fiddle player Gerry
Harrington playing a couple of Leitrim Polkas; Return of Spring and the
Mountain Path. I am playing C sharp D accordion with an octave harmonica in
rack at the same time. Hope you like it!​
 Gerry and Cathal @ St. Nicholas's Church.mov

Cathal Johnson


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