[Harp-L] International Blues Blowoff - Ticketing now open

Christopher bluzeharp@xxxxx
Sat Jun 16 22:16:29 EDT 2018

Tickets now available to the general public for the 2018 IBB, aka the SPAH Blowoff.  Half the VIP seats are already sold, act soon if you're interested in those.  Lineup as always is top drawer, PT Gazell, John Long, Filisko & Noden, TJ Klay, Will Sacrlett and around a dozen more GREAT players will be on stage.

This is the infamous sister event to the SPAH Convention, a true bucket list show for any blues fan, and it's 'adult night' for the convention crowd.  Tuesday Aug 14 at the Trainwreck Saloon in St Louis, on the Westport Plaza just steps away from the SPAH hotel. 

The IBB is a separate entity from SPAH.  Tickets are not included with SPAH registration, but SPAH members get a discount.  Lineup, tickets, venue info and more are here:  www.harmonicaplanet.com/blues-blowoff.

Christopher Richards - Harmonica Planet.com
Producer - International Blues Blowoff
Staging & Production - SPAH
Twin Tone Mic's - Tone Defender Cables

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