[Harp-L] Looking for Guidance

Laurent Vigouroux laurentharp@xxxxx
Thu Jun 14 15:11:54 EDT 2018

Thanks Richard !

And would you have an mp3 of the whole “Jazz Harp” floppy vinyl ?


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On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 11:25 AM, Laurent Vigouroux <laurentharp at xxxxx> wrote:

Hello Richard and all

>    I will only add that I transcribed and notated in arrow style Don Les's

>    terrific first position solo on the Harmonicats' "Harmonica Boogie" for my

>    book "Jazz Harp."  That solo is a great example of how to use 1st position

>    in a swing style, with lots of great high and middle register work.

 I do have your book but the version with the floppy vinyl and unfortunately I don't have a turntable. Is there a way of getting the audio ?

Best regards




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