[Harp-L] Looking for Guidance

David McCurry david.mccurry@xxxxx
Wed Jun 13 12:37:22 EDT 2018

I would start with getting the sounds in your head. Load up on music tracks
from the Yazoo collection of early harp, especially Jaybird Coleman and
Jazz Gillum. The pre-war harmonica jazz stuff is full of 1st position
masterful playing. "Harmonica Blues: Great Harmonica Performances of the
20s and 30s" (YaZoo 1053 and #2019) is a great place to start.


On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 11:42 AM, Ross Macdonald <pdxharpdog at xxxxx>

> Harp-L community:  I have historically neglected my jug-band first
> position high octave blow bend melody skills ala Will Shade/Memphis jug
> band., etc., and now want to improve.
> Any tutorials/step by instructions, how-to guidance or specific exercises
> you can recommend?
> Appreciate any assistance you can direct my way.
> Ross Macdonald

David S McCurry, EdD

DS McCurry Fine Arts Studio
Jacaranda Educational Development, LLC

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