[Harp-L] MHW Events/HCH 2018 Reflections

Mick Zaklan mzaklan@xxxxx
Mon Jun 4 11:54:08 EDT 2018

   I like your approach, Larry.  I have to say that nothing pleases me more
at the SPAH conventions than packs of excited kids passing me in the
hallway, yakking away about harmonica and what they had just seen at SPAH.
For years, we never had that.  Just a very few kids who were offspring of
well-known players, playing the music of their parents.  Sometimes pretty
   Difficult passing the torch of an older activity or hobby to young
people; but I notice that other groups have been successful.  I've seen
plenty of Bluegrass groups comprised of youngsters, as well as kids and
young adults involved with Civil War and WWll re-enactments.  When I got
involved with Judo in 1965, it was pretty fragmented and looked like it was
being overwhelmed by Karate.  It was run by mainly Japanese-Americans and
the best players were their kids.  Nowadays it seems better organized,
stronger, and more diversified.  I suspect the numbers are better, too.
   So it can be done.  I like your ideas and we have something good here to
pass on.  And smart, hard-working people who will figure it out.

Mick Zaklan

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