[Harp-L] MHW Events/HCH 2018 Reflections

Mick Zaklan mzaklan@xxxxx
Sat Jun 2 12:22:02 EDT 2018

   Interesting point about younger players getting their information
primarily from the Internet.  That would make the SPAH conventions the
equivalent of a "brick and mortar store".  Let's hope they don't go the way
of Sears and shopping centers across this country.  Myself, I'm gray-haired
and old school.  I like personal interaction.  I like to see, touch, and
try out what I buy.  And I don't like the idea of people grabbing my name
and other info, then selling it to advertisers who will inevitably pester
   I'll take a live convention any day.  Hopefully, we're not fighting a
losing battle here, as far as replenishing members and maintaining our
conventions goes.  See you in St. Louis!

Mick Zaklan

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