[Harp-L] MHW Events/ HCH 2018 Reflections

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Pictures show the major paradigm shift that occurred in the harmonica world....attendees are mostly white haired bunch - learning about diatonic/blues, etc...back in the last century, the white haired bunch was attending SPAH for chromatic/chord/bass performances/seminars and they wouldn't let the diatonic in until Madcat broke the "glass ceiling" around 1988 or so....

time marches on!

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What an incredible time had by all!! Top notch performance, instruction, discussions and jams with the best in the biz, with a strong North 

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What an incredible time had by all!! Top notch performance, instruction, discussions and jams with the best in the biz, with a strong North Mississippi flavor! Many new friends, skills and practices to nurture now. I am so very blessed that everyone could join us, but if you couldn't, please make it out to the next big thing! 
Please stay in touch via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram under Midwest Harmonica Workshop or Join the Email Subscription to our website(Link at bottom of newsletter)
 We have some very exciting events coming up over the next year. Nashville (Fall), MN(Summer), and more to come! I do not want anyone to miss a great opportunity to expand their harmonica tool bag with a MHW Events Instructional weekend!
I will have a page set up very soon with pictures, videos and files from HCH so please send yours along to ophelansean at xxxxx and we will use what you would like us to. 


















We wanted to send a note to thank everyone for being a part of the return of HCH. Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events was happy to have created such an awesome weekend and we would love your feedback, tips, suggestions.
I would like to thank our sponsors, supporters, vendors and attendees for making the Hill Country Event what it turned out to be in May. It was memorable, valuable, encouraging, jam packed and filled with unforgettable moments, thank you so much, please join us at the next big event!! 
Sean Wailin O'Phelan MHW Events



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MHW Events is changing all the time, and improving, adapting and conquering the harmonica instructional business. Thanks in part to our reviews, comments and suggestions from our attendees. I have included a short survey link above, PLEASE fill it out, it will help to keep us headed in the right direction. There will be a separate survey sent out by my partners for the Hill Country Event, and myself, getting more into detail about HCH 2018. 
Thanks again for being a part of it all, stay tuned for the upcoming events! 
-MHW Events Organizer Sean Wailin O'Phelan and our amazing staff





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