[Harp-L] Re- Follow-up: 1927 record.

Roger Trobridge gopher@xxxxx
Sun Jul 29 15:09:48 EDT 2018


I thought I had seen this before. I had. It looks as though it was copied
from Pat Missin's unique and comprehensive harmonica web site.
It is on his VINTAGE HARMONICA 78s web page 

It is a page every harmonica player should visit at least once.


>Has anyone heard this before? I found this listing on Discogs with a seller in Australia.
>I was particularly intrigued that the date is 1927, but the price and overseas issue stops me from buying. I thought I'd post to the list and 
>see if anyone is familiar either with the record or the two artists listed on the record.
>Well I sent a little too soon. Google turned this up:
>where you can hear both sides of this record.

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