[Harp-L] Craig Buck Worley

Steve Kelly stevek_1957@xxxxx
Thu Jul 26 23:54:14 EDT 2018

Greetings all harp players

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I bring you this news. 
On the weekend of July 7th I lost my best friend Craig Buck Worley to suicide. Many of you knew Buck as he was a voice in the harmonica community and contributor here as well. Buck was my best friend, my harmonica teacher/mentor, my brother. I was Bucks last full time student and everywhere we went he always introduced me as his student. An honor I will take with me the rest of my life. My heart is breaking so bad I just can’t take it. Bucks family will be selling his equipment to help pay for expenses. If anyone is interested in helping please let me know and I will forward your info to his family. 

Steven (StevieD) Kelly 
stevek_1957 at xxxxx

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