[Harp-L] Vinyl, 78s, 45s, etc - harmonica record collection

fmajor7 fmajor7@xxxxx
Mon Jul 23 11:21:49 EDT 2018

Hi Richard,

I have already digitized many records (78, 45, 33) and cassettes of Toots,
Jerry Murad and many other harmonica groups and soloists.
I can digitize all your records but there is one small problem. I live in
the Netheralnds.
If you don't mind shipping them to me, I will send you the CDs or send the
converted tracks via some file sharing software.
Please let me know.

Kind regards.

Gautam Choudhury

On 23 July 2018 at 19:58, Richard Sleigh <rrsleigh at xxxxx> wrote:

> I have a collection of Toots, Larry Adler, Borrah Minevitch, John Sebastion
> Sr, and others that I am going to donate to Music Library at Penn State
> University unless someone on this list wants them and contacts me about
> shipping, etc.
> I'd be very interested in anyone who could convert some of this stuff to CD
> in exchange for the records.
> Please contact me off list - thanks!
> Richard Sleigh

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