[Harp-L] Christelle Berthon plays the Overblow Booster

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Fri Jul 13 02:55:28 EDT 2018

I recently created a small product called the Overblow Booster, consisting
of channelled insert parts that sit under the covers of a standard diatonic
harmonica. They allow the player to block the non-sounding reed during
overbends, thus making them much easier to get (even on stock harps), and
enhancing the tone, volume and expression of both overblows and overdraws. 


I wasn't sure if accomplished overblow players would like this added
enhancement to something they already do well, so sent a few out to some of
my good overbend-playing friends to get their feedback. One is the Queen of
Youtube harmonica, the wonderful Christelle Berthon. Here is her impression
after just one day playing with the Overblow Booster:




Brendan Power

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