[Harp-L] Reverse tongue rolls

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Hi Rick. I am doing this roll with the side of my tongue, the tip being lightly anchored and relaxed at the roof of my mouth near my teeth. When I draw the left side of my tongue does the roll effect. It is not so easy to sustain as the exhale roll (at least for me) where as you know the relaxed tip of the tongue does the work.

On the last sample I am also using bent note technique while doing the above which gives a more muted effect than the first sample.

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  I like it. Sounds like  a glottal thing to me; back of mouth with the uvula making most of the action. Yes?
  Gwen Foster made extensive use of that technique, but in the top octave mostly.

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    Not the most useful harp technique I'll admit along with the forward tongue roll, but the reverse produces a different sound.

    To be honest I have only used it on one song when I wanted a 'phone call' tone.

    Here is my very short 'sound only'  video demonstrating two clean reverse rolls followed by a series of phone call tones then a snippet of the song 'Busy Line' featuring the effect and finally a longer roll with a partial bend.

    Not that exciting but it is what it is.


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