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Congrats Fred

Jerry Deall
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? I had my retirement party at work today and was amazed that(one of) my co-workers knew me well enough to buy me as a retirement gift aswell 14 slot, genuine leather, high quality harp case from MicheleLeFree.? I have known Michelle from pastSPAHs and also have been impressed with her case work and testimonials here onharp-L and elsewhere.? Never pulled thetrigger on getting a case from her, but lo and behold one gets gifted to mewithout prompting out of nowhere.? Youdon?t need me to endorse Michelle?s work and those of other fine craftsmen(customizers, comb-smiths, accessory makers, instructors, etc.) as there areplenty of other testimonials on harp-L.?This note is just to remark how grateful I am to have been on harp-L andto have attended SPAH and Jam Camps and Global Harmonica Summits over the yearsto learn about all this STUFF and all the wonderful people that share theirtalents in the harmonica world.? I cannotthink of a better or more rewarding avocation to pursue going forward than tokeep on harping, so thanks everyone.?Keep up the good work!Fred S

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