[Harp-L] friend or foe...a true political dilemma solved

F F Franze52@xxxxx
Thu Jan 25 22:32:12 EST 2018


Joe wrote:
"I always thought Dali & Picasso painted junk. I guess this all makes me a Luddite. Then we have Cecil Taylor. A proponent of ?free jazz?. It?s garbage. I know or  have known people who could stun you with what they knew about theory. Which would be good if not for the fact that they played like automotons. Robotic,  choppy, boring. So I guess it?s all a matter of taste. I find some professionals to be boring. Whereas I find some (relatively) unknown players to be a breath of fresh  air. Why IS this? I think it may be because just as Caesar said of Cassius..They have that "lean & hungry look???still. lolol. "

I would say we don't have to choose an "extreme" path.
Working a bit on scales (and theory) and expressing our inner voice seems to me a good option (
Each one feeds the other one, doesn't it?

Happy Harpin'!

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