[Harp-L] Getting to the Point

B Boggs ceudoazul@xxxxx
Mon Jan 22 13:08:55 EST 2018

A truly wonderful post and great discussion about playing music:

"Here's the deal Jerl. I never copied anyone else. From the start I always hummed a tune straight. (as Slim suggests).Then I would embellish it. And over a period of time,
I got to a point where I was actually doing TOO much embellishing. As for improvising. We are all an amalgum of our total life?s experiences. My life would have been different
than yours, and this will come out in our ?different? approaches. I don't see a big deal with theory. One man's theory is another's rubbish. You have to feel jazz. It's a life style.
I wouldn't get too encumbered with dos and donts of writers. They are only giving THEIR life's opinions. Most of it isn't solid concrete. And it's also why people spend years and
years studying and still aren't sure. That's why the word theory is used. lol. If you approach it as you have done with country, you shouldn't have a problem.


Thanks to smo-joe Leone for years of getting to the point (and also to Rockin' Ron's Music and Greg Heumann at blowsmeaway for pro gear and service).


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