[Harp-L] Blue Moon Custom Harmonica praise

fssharp@xxxxx fssharp@xxxxx
Sat Jan 13 14:59:12 EST 2018

<michaelrubinharmonica at xxxxx> wrote 
" I just received a Blue Moon Special 20 in G with a custom comb and set up
for overblows.  
Although the overblows come out fine, what is amazing is the tone, volume
and action of the harp without utilizing the overblows.  This is
immediately one of the best harps I have ever played!" 

Michael - Is this the double reed plate version?
I have a Blue Moon Sp 20 in A single reed plate version. It is an excellent
harp, but I am wondering if the double reed plate is the reason yours has
amazing tone and volume (or maybe Tom is getting even better at set up since
I bought mine).
Fred S

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