[Harp-L] HarmoniCollege classes announced

James Brill Rumbaugh jrumbaug@xxxxx
Fri Jan 12 21:35:55 EST 2018

Michael Rubin has announced the 7 classes that will be taught at HarmoniCollege 2018

Tongue blocking basics and the many types of slaps
The shake and incorporating bends
Know the C diatonic layout
The Listening Hour (I listen and suggest enhancements)
High note blow bends in first position
Transcribing solos note for note
3rd position

HarmoniCollege is Friday March 16th and Sunday March 17th.
At Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV.
For more details go to http://hhcwv.com/harmonicollege.html<https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fhhcwv.com%2Fharmonicollege.html&h=ATO3gzozPyJbaj0OIq-7gbxMCgXFovVZMqguxMhmNWaQz3mHKsSz7nTGfdAaL1LI3H2PQfvs2ubnw_jfawEbvq4TSNJAKjMwl4gWpkXWtfxHwucuZwahLX29OPrv09VvbKDDqzfzyDmXKBirjWfN48YlOBvaTdJm1M91sAlbmlA2EopTcAQZuZ-adzJtP5F0twPzPLWkNjkeVt4iYRfth9we7MVidiAIEcKO9JRIOAEB13_IsRXaX5zlRSOLxhIkDjwQ_2BeI2MKIqv1lIWxdE-w1Q>

If you want to stay ?on campus?, we still have one room and 2 beds still available.
Jim Rumbaugh
The Harmonica Club of Huntington, WV

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