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Wed Jan 10 10:22:31 EST 2018

I don?t know that it?s the shipper?s responsibility to add insurance.  I believe you automatically get $100 insurance with usps so you should at least be able to recover that.  It?s generally a dollar per $100 for additional insurance which isn?t a great deal but for an item of obvious value like in this case it seems worthwhile.  

The seller should of course be able to prove that the item was shipped.

If you paid through PayPal or via credit card you may have some recourse through them but not sure how they would rule.

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> On Jan 10, 2018, at 9:07 AM, Jordan Feldman via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx> wrote:
> The shipper should have insurance.
> Shipper is responsible.
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>> I would like folks opinions on the following dilemma.  I sent my amp to a known amp tech for modifications.  I have paid for his work, which was completed a few weeks ago.  However, the amp has now been lost by the postal service on its way back to me.  Question is, who is liable for the cost of the amp if the postal service don?t pay up for the loss?  So far I am down the cost of the amp plus the cost of the mod work and I ain?t got the amp!!!
>> Advice please!!
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