[Harp-L] Harmonic minor harp - Imperial March and Force Theme

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun Jan 7 15:44:44 EST 2018

Dennis Michael Montgomery wrote:
<That was enjoyable. You have helped prove that there is a place for
diatonics tuned to minor keys. <Good job.

Um, are we still trying to "prove that there is a place for diatonics tuned
to minor keys" (or any other key you care to name, including the really
different ones like Brendan Powers's Powerbender/Powerdraw/Lucky

So far as I'm concerned, the point was proved about 25 years ago when
well-made Natural Minors and other non-standard tunings became available
off the shelf..  Anybody who didn't get the memo then, that's all right.
Just accept that there are people out there using harmonicas every day that
aren't tuned to standard Richter, and let it go.  Or pick one up yourself
and have some new fun.  Either way.

In any case, I will give up my natural minor/dorian minor/country
tuned/melody maker/Lucky 13/etc. harps when they pry my cold, hard lips off
them.  Or off whichever one I happen to be playing when the world ends.
Assuming there's anyone left at that time to do the prying.

Regards, RIchard Hunter
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