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Thanks Greg.
Charlie McCoy was my first harmonica hero. Charlie can not only bounce and play fast notes with perfect accuracy, but can also can play like a concert violinist sweet and smooth.

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 A good friend and great harmonica player recently gave me the book:
*50 Cents and a Boxtop.. The creative life of Charlie McCoy. *

It was a very interesting book that gives the reader a window shot of
Nashville in the 60 and 70s.? I learned a lot about Charlie that I never
really knew previously.

He owes much of his musical success to periods in his childhood growing up
in Miami. No doubt that life in West Virginia influenced him, but it was in
Miami where he joined several rock bands and it was in a Florida high
school that he studied music theory.

The story weaves in and out of his early musical experiences, but it is
pretty clear that Charlie McCoy the musician was a worker and probably
pushed harder with every success, never sitting back.? Clearly one of the
top old school Nashville session men, he played far more than just
harmonica and it was likely his multi-instrumentalist skills that put him
on the 1st call.

Although he didn't really invent the Nashville Numbering System, he
certainly had a hand in promoting its use and his understanding of it was
due significantly to musical education.

If you want to learn a little more about the music business and one of our
favorite harmonica players, grab a copy.? It moves quickly and if you are
over 50, you will certainly have a connection to much of what is discussed

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