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Just toss a stone and where it lands, that's where you begin. Don't hesitate and wait on "good advice". Teaching is very personal and no one knows what is in your head nor your skill level.

I am very experienced and charge $60/hour - no complaints from my students because I really do show them the fastest path up the mountain. However, I had to start somewhere, so charged maybe $30/hr or $15/1/2 hour when I started out. At that time, I was learning how to teach by teaching.

It will evolve over time, but the most important thing to do is to start right away.

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Hi all,
I live in the UK and am thinking about giving harp lessons here. I?m hoping some of you would be kind enough to offer me some advice and tips about getting started. Things like where best to advertise, how much would be a reasonable fee for lessons etc. I don?t really want to do Skype lessons as I much prefer to teach face to face.
Any advice would be much appreciated 


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