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Draw 5 bend is a quarter tone. Not much "range" there.​
I find there is plenty of "range" there for mucho expressiveness!

ok, if you wish to miss out on some of the "gold", that's your decision...

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If you are teaching blues harmonica, IMO it is a mistake to not play it nor teach it. You are missing the point - it's more than just inhale bending 5 down to its natural floor.
It's the whole range of pitch change that occurs between these two fixed points. 

​with larger intervals, I agree. Draw 5 bend is a quarter tone. Not much "range" there.​

Listen to how singers approach their target pitch from just below it. Listen to how singers will sustain their target pitch and then "color" it by slightly dipping below and returning.

​Now THAT's an idea I can endorse!​ Thank you.

In harmonica sound, if your target note is that 5 hole inhale, why not approach it from slightly below, sustaining the tension for just a little bit before allowing the pitch to slowly raise itself to the ceiling?

​Yep, I like that.​ Thank you, Iceman.

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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