[Harp-L] Tony Eyers releases free Chromatic Harmonica Baroque Book

Tony Eyers tony@xxxxx
Thu Feb 1 17:55:31 EST 2018

I'm known on these forums as a diatonic player. However I have another 
musical side, as a baroque recorder player. I've been performing with my 
Sydney based ensemble Balmain Baroque for the last 20 years, and am the 
creator of the LearnRecorder.com online teaching platform.

At various festivals over the years I've had baroque duet jams with some 
very good chromatic players, with me on recorder. While these players 
have been able to sight read the duets I've brought, the composers are 
generally unknown to them. Just as the blues harmonica world has Little 
Walter, Big Walter, Sonny Terry, Kim Wilson and other icons, the 18th 
century baroque world had Telemann, Boismortier, Quantz, Loeiilet and 
other giants.

As a baroque player, these 18th century individuals and their music are 
as familiar to me as the latter day blues harmonica heros. However these 
baroque composers are largely unknown to chromatic harmonica players who 
might otherwise like to try this wonderful music.

To address this gap I've created the Chromatic Harmonica Baroque Book, a 
free 200 page ebook with duets from leading 18th century composers. It's 
available at http://harmonicatunes.com/baroquebook

It's kind of like the "Real Book", from a baroque perspective.rather 
than jazz.

If you play chromatic, or know someone who does, then have a look. It 
may open new doors.

Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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