[Harp-L] Vibrato: harp and vocals

Leonardo K. Shikida shikida@xxxxx
Thu Dec 27 08:35:28 EST 2018

Aren't they different things? Vibrato for harp means alternating the note
and the bend, while vibrato for voice comes from a different kind of
exercise I guess.

I can do some harp tremolo (ka ka ka ka ku ku ku ku type of exercise
interrupting the flow of air) which can generate some sort of effect that
reminds a vocal vibrato but i am pretty sure it is not the right way.

I hope someone more experienced can add to this discussion



Em qua, 26 de dez de 2018 10:00, Robert Hale <robert at xxxxx

> Did you learn vocal vibrato following your harp vibrato, or vice-versa?
> If you now have both, which was learned first?
> How much time between one and the other?
> Robert Hale
> Serious Honkage in Arizona
> youtube.com/DUKEofWAIL
> DUKEofWAIL.com
> On Tue, Dec 25, 2018 at 4:15 PM Robert Hale <robert at xxxxx> wrote:
> > I am interested to hear from harp players who have a nice, light
> > PITCH-based vibrato, and may also have a VOCAL vibrato.
> > Are singers with vocal vibrato likely to have harmonica vibrato as well?
> > Are they produced in a similar way?
> >
> > Vocal vibrato is the slight, steady sweep above and below the
> center-pitch
> > of a sustained tone.
> > (I am acknowledging and putting aside for a moment the tremolo hand
> > vibrato that many of us use, and also any diaphragm-pulsing of air
> > pressure.)
> >
> > When you check in on this question, would you please note whether you
> have
> > one or the other, or both? Thanks!
> >
> > Robert Hale
> > Serious Honkage in Arizona
> > youtube.com/DUKEofWAIL
> > DUKEofWAIL.com
> >

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