[Harp-L] Warm-up evidence

Robert Hale robert@xxxxx
Sun Dec 16 15:14:10 EST 2018

I am inviting comment and experience on the practice of warming up muscles
before performance.

We may want to compare physical fitness and competition to see if that is
an important correlation.

My experience with harp students is that they fatigue upon learning how to
bend notes, and then they find that the response time for the bend note is
shorter and shorter and less and less fatiguing. In time, there is no
warm-up needed, and they begin to play bent notes on command as needed.

Can anyone comment on the similarities or differences in vocal singing warm
up? We would also need to differentiate between the psychological benefit,
the comfort of feeling ready, as opposed to real physiological preparation.

I am really interested in seeing research  links if you can provide them.

Robert Hale
Mesa, AZ

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