[Harp-L] Harmonica with Nashville producer/songwriter

Mikael Bäckman mikael.backman@xxxxx
Fri Aug 24 06:41:39 EDT 2018

Hi list!

I hope all you lucky ones who were at SPAH had a great time!

Here is a link to a song I had the privilege to perform with my college David Myhr and Nashville producer/songwriter Brad Jones. The first link is a song written by Brad, the second link is the entire intervju that David Myhr did with Brad.

In the long video, there is a song written by Nashvilles best kept secret: Tommy Womack. I play harp on that as well, you'll find it 31 minutes into the film.

Hope you all enjoy!


A likely lad – David Myhr and Brad Jones (from David Myhr in conversation with Brad Jones) - YouTube<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCkUHOeTsJ8>
>From David Myhr in conversation with Brad Jones: http://bit.ly/davidmyhrbradjones Harmonica: Mikael Bäckman http://harpatwork.com www.davidmyhr.com


David Myhr in conversation with Brad Jones - YouTube<https://youtu.be/CgT81eKoi1o?t=30m2s>
An 81 minute long ”TV-special” where I’m interviewing Nashville-based producer Brad Jones about songwriting. The conversation is framed around four songs tha...

Mikael Backman (who is sorry he wasn't able to come to SPAH...)


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