[Harp-L] Will Wilde Trying Out the Harmonicaster Mk II Electric Harmonica @ SPAH 2018

Ronnie Schreiber autothreads@xxxxx
Thu Aug 16 06:41:40 EDT 2018

Here's Will Wilde at the 2018 SPAH convention checking out the 
Harmonicaster Mk II electric harmonica, playing on the clean channel of 
a Crate Vintage Club 20 amp. Earlier he was playing it in the lobby with 
my little 3 watt Blackstar Fly and quickly drew a crowd with folks who 
were impressed by the tone and the idea in general. While the original 
Harmonicaster was a significant new tool for harp players, it was 
flawed. Working with Will. Brendan Power, and the nice folks at Seydel, 
I've made major revisions that make it a much more responsive and 
playable instrument. I've eliminated the mouthpiece and now you play 
directly into the harmonica, so all conventional draw and blow bends are 
possible, as is overblowing, if you have the skill. The Mk II is also 
lighter and more compact than the original.


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