[Harp-L] Richard Sleigh is now a Hohner Affiliated Customizer

Richard Sleigh rrsleigh@xxxxx
Sun Aug 5 15:23:08 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone!

I was accepted into the Hohner Affilated Customizer (HAC) program earlier
this year. The Hohner company created this program as a way to promote and
support the art of high end customizing. Joe Filisko is the inspiration for
the program and evaluates and approves people for the program.

If you are aware of my background, you know that I worked closely with Joe
Filisko in the 90s developing the customizing methods that became known as
the "Filisko Method". I've been building high end Marine Band harps for
over two decades, and have written a book on the topic of customizing
harmonicas as well as a series of videos that go into great detail on
exactly how to set up and tune reeds for world class performance.

However, it was not a slam dunk that I would get into the program. I
submitted harmonicas to Joe Filisko for approval just like everyone else
and we ended up having a lively back and forth about exactly what 19 limit
just intonation is and how to dial in for the ultimate blues harmonica.

I ended up reviewing every aspect of how I build and tune harmonicas. I
questioned everything I thought I knew about customizing and tuning
harmonicas. After I got into the program and ordered my first shipment of
parts, I re-invented how I build harmonicas by challenging myself to find
better ways to do everything I do, including re-designing some of the tools
I use and creating new tools for the process.

I now have a flagship model of the Marine Band Deluxe harmonica that has a
modified top cover plate that calls to mind the original "mouse ear" Marine
Band cover plates. It also has a black acrylic comb that is smooth to the
lips and super easy to clean.

I also build Special 20s and can special order and build other Hohner
models like the Thunderbird, including double thick reed plate versions of
the T-bird and other harps.

I wanted to wait until I got all of these elements into place before before
making any of my own announcements about being in the HAC program.

You can get a look at the new harmonicas at: https://hotrodharmonicas.com/

I feel grateful and honored to be included in this program and I intend to
build the best harps I can build and keep on learning as I do. Thanks for
reading this!

Richard Sleigh
rrsleigh at xxxxx

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