[Harp-L] Layered Harmonicas (m.walklate23)

Christopher bluzeharp@xxxxx
Wed Apr 25 12:00:04 EDT 2018

Commendable indeed.  With the ever smaller community of traditional chord and bass players SPAH has for several years been exploring ways to integrate these instruments into non-traditional formats, and thus Preserve and Advance them... which is after all the P and A in SPAH.  Mat's recording gives more than a passing nod to those efforts, that he played all the parts himself makes this a gem... have a listen!  

Mat... I hope you can make it across the pond one day to the SPAH convention, first one is on me!

Christopher Richards
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I have just posted a new track, comprised solely of harmonica parts: bass, chord, diatonics and chromatic.?
Listen to Playing With Myself Boogie by Matwalklate #np on #SoundCloud

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