[Harp-L] Re Ode to Joy revisited

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Wed Apr 18 03:35:07 EDT 2018

I like the expressiveness of some of the bends  on a diatonic in relation to melodies but sometimes they sound odd. It's like say hearing a piece played on a flute and every now and then hearing clarinet sounds where the bent notes would be on harp. Well a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point. As harmonica players we understand the issue with bends on melodies and tend to accept them up to a point.

My wife always picks me up on the 'odd' sounding notes, which is frustrating when you manage to get the pitch thereabouts, but understandable.

I suppose part of what I like about the bent notes is the challenge and maybe I wouldn't feel as motivated to just play it on Chrome or altered tuning. BTW I have just realised I could just start Ode on 4 blow and no bends required!

I haven't had any luck with Winslow re the old Ode to joy sound files so I guess he hasn't got them.

Best Wishes

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