[Harp-L] 2018 International Blues Blowoff - 1st Lineup Announcement

Christopher bluzeharp@xxxxx
Tue Apr 10 15:06:35 EDT 2018

The IBB drips at every pore with international level talent, mostly due to the unique-in-all-the-world circumstance of these artists being in town for the annual SPAH convention.  If I had to fly them in, provide rooms, meals, and pay them their normal fees, then the ticket would quite literally have to be somewhere between $250 - $300... which obviously would be an impossible scenario.  Yet, due to the "perfect storm" that is SPAH, you can witness this incredible showcase for as little as $15.  

We're talking around SIX HOURS of one amazing player after the next, stay for just half and you'll have received far more than your moneys worth.  Ticketing is not yet open, but I'm far enough along with the lineup to now have most of that posted, along with information about this years venue.  PT Gazell, Madcat, and SPAH's 2017 Presidents Award winner John Long are just a few of this years big names.  Go to the Harmonica Planet.com website to see the rest, where you can also sign up for the IBB mailing list.  Spam free and offers first chance to purchase this years very limited Reserved and VIP seats.  Click The "Blues Blowoff" tab at page top and you're there!   www.harmonicaplanet.com 

Producing the IBB has been a "labor of love" thing for me, takes literally hundreds of hours of my time, and typically leaves me in the red, mostly due to the travel costs to secure a suitable venue.  If I put the tip jar into my pocket nobody would mind, but instead it supports the artists and SPAH's Youth Fund.  I hope you approve... and that you will come see what all the buzz is about every year!

Contact me off-list if you may be interested in becoming an IBB sponsor.

Christopher Richards,

Executive Producer - International Blues Blowoff
Staging & Production - SPAH   www.spah.org
Twin Tone Mic's - Tone Defender Cables - Harmonica Planet.com
Harmonica & Vocals - The Well Diggers

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