[Harp-L] Ode to Joy revisited

Harping On harping.onandon@xxxxx
Tue Apr 10 14:32:32 EDT 2018

I was looking back in the archives at the Ode to Joy challenge but can't seem to find any of the related sound files. I very much enjoy playing melodies on the diatonic but the challenge of not only trying to get the bent notes in pitch but also trying to mask the timbre differences between a bent and a straight note is troublesome to say the least. 


I don't know if anyone has a solution to this other than using an altered tuning (say Paddy Richter) to avoid the 2 step bend on hole 3 which is difficult to mask when exposed at the end of a phrase or you have to play two -3** consecutively.


I have attached a soundfile below where I have deliberately played the melody straight but have added a little echo to fill it out a bit.



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