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The concept is simple - 

If you understand the notes that comprise the chords and their individual sense of gravitational pull in real time, then you make better note choices based on the shifting sonorities beneath. 

This takes intellectual muscle workouts in order to get to that state of grace, but, just like working out at the gym, is worth the time/trouble for the benefits received.

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> On Apr 4, 2018, at 10:40 AM, JWilliam Thompson <landcommentary at xxxxx> wrote:
> I came across your post in which Ed Coogan wrote that part of his approach
> to jazz improv is to memorize the chords. I have been struggling with this
> myself--hope you can clarify.

Basically he is referring to is ‘rolling’ the chords. In other words what you do is take and play notes FROM  the chords that fit in the chords, then harmony notes built on those notes.
Such as 3rds, 5ths, 7ths, etc. You are taking the chords apart and using the best notes to fit the particular occasion (run). 
> Do you just memorize the names of the chords, or do you actually play the
> progression?

You actually play notes. 

> And if you play them, How do you do that, if the harmonica has
> so few full chords?

You’re not doing the complete chord. You are MAKING the chord structures by playing the notes that make up the chord. And as you make other structures from these chord notes,
they lead to OTHER notes..from other chords. 

smo-joe in the swamp
> Bill in DC

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