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Greg obviously failed to use the SARCASM font. 

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Wow, Greg! That was a ridiculous response. 

The fuzz inside the box was definitely collecting on the slider and gumming things up. This is because I typically use a very small amount of lubricant on my slide and because the interior of the box sheds that black fuzz.

You have admitted and so has Rupert that the spring stiffness was increased. The problem exists.

As for the rest of your accusations? WTF was that?

The Saxony is a fine instrument but I want my to function even better. People like Doug Tate wrote books and many blog posts and comments to help musicians achieve that extra performance. You are not being helpful.


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> Greg:   You're the best!!!   Leonard
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> I'm unsure why this topic seems to continue.
> The original Saxony springs where thinner and hence, the slide action was easier when the player pushed in, but the return was not as strong.  The springs were occasionally prone to breaking.
> For any experienced chromatic player, this was minor as they knew that regular maintenance was part of playing chromatic and replacement of the spring could be accomplished within minutes during routine maintenance.
> However, Seydel developed a slightly thicker spring that is somewhat stronger and less prone to breaking.  The spring provides slightly more tension and since there are a large percentage of chromatic players out there who don't regularly maintain there chromatic, it was in the best
> interest of Seydel to use the slightly stronger spring.   Far more than 7/8
> ths of the chromatic players out there don't notice the difference between either.
> Don't be fooled on this topic or the post or the player initiating it.  If it wasn't the spring, it would be the pozi screws that hold the plates in place.  If it wasn't those screws, it would be the cardboard box that the Saxony is shipped in and if it wasn't the box, it would be the fuzz inside.  Of course, if it wasn't the fuzz, it would be the valve material or the air tightness or the tuning.  If not, it would be the different sound of the reed in hole #2 and lets NOT forget the concave design of the button.
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