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Thanks Robert 😊 It’s always hard describing stuff that happens in your mouth, but I think I use two types of vibrato:


1.	Low octave is generally throat vibrato, the typical type used on blues harps: a repeated ‘gasping’ type of sound in your throat transferred to the harp, mostly on draw notes.
2.	Higher up I use a kind of fast regular bending style. Basically a light bend repeated quickly. That’s why you see my jaw moving a lot. Sometimes I use the ‘jaw-bend vibrato’ low down as well.


For the second type, practice regular light bends slowly and then speed up – that should give the effect. 


Half-valving on a diatonic allows you to achieve vibrato on all notes, blow and draw. With an un-valved Richter harp you can’t get real pitch vibrato on 12 of the notes (!), which to me makes the standard blues harp very stiff and un-expressive. Being able to add vibrato on ALL notes is a big part of why I came up with half-valving 37 years ago.


Hope that helps!


Brendan Power

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All of your videos display a wonderful vibrato.

What is your method?


Robert Hale

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