[Harp-L] Fishman Amp with anti feedback circuitry

Richard Sleigh rrsleigh@xxxxx
Fri Sep 22 07:52:12 EDT 2017

I'm getting a Fishman 180 watt 5 x 8 x 1 amp that has two channels - I've
used a smaller version of this amp as a mini PA system and it has super
clean transparent sound quality - I use a Takamine acoustic electric guitar
and a vocal mic.

This amp is designed for acoustic guitar, mandolin, and one of the features
is feedback suppression - so a player could use a mic on his instrument and
bring up the volume on stage.

I'm going to experiment with miking a pre war Oahu amp that has the bullet
mic tone I want, run it into the Fishman, and see what happens with the
feedback circuitry under combat conditions. It also has built in delay and
reverb. Sounds promising.

It might be an affordable (and available) alternative to the Harp King. It
also has all sorts of line out options so you could add another powered
speaker if you wanted to, as well as line out to the house system / sound

Has anyone ever tried out this combination for harp?

Richard Sleigh
rrsleigh at xxxxx

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