[Harp-L] Overheating/Untempering Reeds

Bob Marsolais bob@xxxxx
Tue Sep 12 19:43:40 EDT 2017

In a beginner at this so thanks for your patience.


I have a G Lucky 13 that has a bad hole 1' blow reed, that is, a G3 reed.  I
purchased a replacement reed from Brendan Power.  I didn't realize how dull
my drill bit was until I drilled a hole in the reed  - it got so hot it
burned the masking tape that was holding it down, something I have not seen
on the videos I've watched.  After the reed was installed and proper
clearances verified, it sounded very dull. ( I don't mean flat or sharp, but
no crispness like the other reeds.)  In addition, it was much quieter than
the other reeds.


By getting the reed so hot, did I "untemper" it?  If so, can I restore the
temper by reheating the reed and quenching it in oil?  Or should I just
discard it and get another reed.  Thanks for the help!




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