[Harp-L] ii-V-I, But Lacking Resolution

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Tue Sep 5 15:42:41 EDT 2017

I find BIAB much easier to use for song creation than iRealPro--apples and
oranges, really, but if I wanted to sketch out a chord progression, BIAB
wins hands down.
And entering chords is pretty easy, really--and don't forget that you can
import a wave file to get the chords (YMMV).
iRealPro is great for what it is, but creating an arrangement takes a lot
more time!

On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 12:37 PM, Slim Heilpern <slim at xxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Tin -
> Not trying to be flippant, but what I do is I use my ears to decide which
> chord progression (as written) I like better, or better matches a recording
> of the tune that I like. Sometimes the chords will be similar and can be
> substituted to taste (e.g. C9 vs. C7, C6 vs. C, etc...).
> Really, there’s no quick and easy way to learn this stuff, so start with
> the simplest tunes, preferably ones that you are familiar with. Ear
> training is essential and I would argue that learning an instrument that
> allows you to play and experiment with different chords and voicing (piano
> or guitar are the usual suspects) is essential as well.
> In my opinion, learning music from the great american songbook is a
> journey with few shortcuts, best to take it slow and start with the basics
> (learn a chordal instrument, train your ears to hear the differences
> between the chords and how the melody fits over the chords, learn how to
> play what you’re hearing on the harmonica).
> BTW, you can enter different chords into a song in iRealPro and see how
> they sound. Also, it may be that the iRealPro default key for the tune is
> different, in which case you just need to change the key of the tune in
> iRealPro to match the book you bought.
> Hope this helps…
> - Slim.
> www.SlimAndPenny.com
> > On Sep 5, 2017, at 12:08 PM, Tin Lizzie <TrackHarpL at xxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > So, I’m trying to branch out from the standard 12-bar blues on
> diatonic.  (“High time,” I hear some of you saying.)
> >
> > I have opened a book that I bought a while ago, “The Great American
> Songbook (Volume 2, ’The Composers'), Music and Lyrics for 94 Standards
> from the Golden Age of American Song,” published by Hal Leonard.  I also
> purchased iReal Pro.  I’ve been looking at songs that are common to the
> two.  I practice reading the melody out of the book on my chromatic,
> accompanied by the chords in iReal Pro.  Well, I’m trying to.
> >
> > Except that I have yet to find a song common to the two where the chords
> actually match.
> >
> > I had hoped that iReal Pro would save me the tedium of entering all the
> chords by hand from the book into Band-in-a-Box.  I would hate to do all
> that work if the book is wrong.  How does one decide, when sources differ?
> >
> > Tin Lizzie
> > “Never go to sea with two clocks.  Take one, or three.”
> >
> >

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