[Harp-L] TAXI online review of "Why Should I Make History"

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Wed Oct 25 19:24:09 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I belong to an independent A&R service called Taxi (taxi.com), which
reviews recordings and submits them (or not) to music libraries, music
supervisors, producers, etc.  This week Taxi advised that they were going
to do an online webinar in which Robin Frederick, the author of a few books
on songwriting, would dissect 6 songs from members.  I submitted my piece
"Why Should I Make History" from my record "The Lucky One" (
http://cdbaby.com/richardhunter) for consideration, and they selected it
for the show.

If you'd like to hear how they analyzed the song, you can see it on Youtube

Scroll down the page just a little until you see "Writing Lyrics for Film &
TV" with Robin Frederick--you don't have to scroll very far.   The analysis
of "Why Should I Make History" starts at about 33:00.

Most of the discussion is around the lyrics, of course, but the harmonica
was singled out for comment too.  FYI, the harmonica lead on this song was
recorded with an Audix Fireball mic into my Digitech RP500 running a Gibson
GA40 amp and cabinet model.  The "tenor sax" solo is a similar setup with a
low octave pitch shift following the amp model, with the pitch shift mix
set to 100% wet.

thanks, Richard Hunter

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