[Harp-L] Tony Eyers Trio play the Brendan Power OctaHarp

David Naiditch davidnaiditch@xxxxx
Mon Oct 23 13:10:07 EDT 2017

Hard for a sexagenarian to understand how a trio plays an octa, but fine work as always.  

> On Oct 23, 2017, at 3:09 AM, Tony Eyers <tony at xxxxx> wrote:
> The Tony Eyers Trio are back in action with "Old Grimes", an Old Time tune. The middle player is using the new Brendan Power OctaHarp, fitted with two Seydel Major Cross harmonicas, in D and low D.
> You can see us at https://youtu.be/al6UqT-l-x8
> Tony Eyers
> Australia
> www.HarmonicaAcademy.com
> ...everyone plays

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