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OK. But it's a lot more fun in 2nd position w/ a D harp.

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The original recording is key of A minor using a G harp in third position.

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Last Dance With Mary Jane is in Am. The relative major being C, so yes you would use a C harp (4th position) and play it straight harp, that's what is on the record.

However, you would have a lot more run playing it in 2nd (D harp) or 3rd position (G harp).

I say 2nd, but some other folks around here say 3rd. (This was a discussion sometime last year, I think.)

Probably played that tune at least 200 times, likely more. Still not tired of it (and I can sing the harmony on the chorus like perfect; it's fun).


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I have been asked to play harp on ?Last Dance with Mary Jane? by Tom Petty this weekend. The song is in A Minor, so I assume I need a C Major harp. I?ve been reading that a G Major harp should be used. Any suggestions?

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