[Harp-L] opening up covers on Lee Oskar harmonicas?

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Thanks........... I should have realized that.   Please don't give me "50 lashes with a wet noodle".   Thanks, Leonard

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Leonard, I think Bill is asking about opening the back, in other words bending the 90° lip in against the inside of the cover plate. I do this on both Sp20's and Lee Oskars. I add a brass support to make up for the loss of structural integrity that occurs when you flatten the back. The harps seem a bit brighter sounding and they dry out faster with the back open. It's also easier to tweak the reeds with the added clearance. 
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> Hi:   Here's a link to a video showing how to easily remove the coverplates on a Lee Oskar.   Hope this helps.    www.leeoskarquickguide.com/maintenance   Leonard
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> Hi everybody,
> I recently got some Lee Oskar harmonic minor parts from Rockin' Ron and am building up some harps.
> Normally, I like to open up the coverplates of my harmonicas.   I do it
> with a pair of pliers, and to be honest, when I am done it looks like I gave it to a bunch of monkeys at the zoo and let them do it.  There are plier marks everywhere and they look like crud.
> I have seen some of you (online, etc.) with opened coverplates that look professionally done, without the covers showing any tool scuffs or dents.
>  Therefore, my questions are:
> 1.  does anyone do an awesome job with opening the covers on Lee Oskars?
> my guess is that it mught be a little harder to do, since the covers 
> have some bend lines that are kind of crisp and pronounced; and
> 2.  if you do this kind of work, how much would it cost me to have you 
> do it (per harp?)
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