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Yeah………. On my Seydels’ there are two different markings.   On the long side of the comb (facing the spectator) there’s (I guess) the painted name SEYDEL or SEYDEL SESSION STEEL.   It’s nice to see it, but unfortunately it seems to rub off over time.    As it’s not a sticker or decal, I don’t know how to replace it, shy of re-painting the comb or buying another comb.   The KEY marking, on the other hand, is a small (scotch tape like) sticker.    It comes off very easily and quickly and then it’s near impossible (excepting my secret markings) to visually tell the harp key.   Should they package the Harp with a bunch of replacement stickers??   Leonard


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Now that you have mentioned it I have noticed that the Seydel’s decals are prone to rubbing off. Fortunately I don’t use the Seydel that much so this hasn’t happened yet when it does I’ll need to buy labels for them. 

This makes me wonder did Hohner think of this in their early years or was it just simpler and cheaper to stamp the engraved logo and key signatures on them?

Luckily, I don’t have this problem with my Suzukis (which I have the most of) either.


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Dennis:  I play Seydel Session Steels (I also own some Hohner Special 20's) and have the same problem...... the LOGOS on the comb seem to wear off readily, and the NOTE STICKERS on the Seydels' fall off quickly as well.  It's a particular problem on the Seydels' since (unlike the Hohners) the KEY is NOT stamped into the metal, and then it's hard to (quickly) identify the KEY.  I also like the looks of the LOGO on the comb and am sad when they quickly seem to rub off.  Leonard

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I got the Harmo Polar (the cheaper version) in G. The sound is darker than my Bluesmasters and doesn't respond quite as well, but it is a good harmonica and doesn't have sharp corners. It's just a matter of adjusting. However what really surprise me was the painted logo wore off in less than two days. Fortunately the the two gold key signatures haven't.

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Just received one of these in the key of A.  Plays great out of the box, really bright on all 10 holes, regular bends very easy  and 6 ob easy to get.  I’m not a regular ob-er so can’t nail the others yet but this is as good asn out of the box harp as I’ve tried for a long time (and I’ve tried most!!).  B Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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