[Harp-L] The POG 2

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Mon Oct 9 10:25:59 EDT 2017

Jeremy Bustillos wrote:
<What's the overall goal? Do you still want people to think that you're
playing a harmonica
<or do you want people to think, where's the organ on stage?

Good questions.  My goal is to make people think they're hearing something
amazing.  Sometimes that means breaking their hearts with an unadorned
chromatic harmonica. Sometimes it means hitting them with an amped-up
effected-up sound that's well outside the boundaries of any traditional
instrument.  In 1950 that meant a bullet mic through a 5 watt tube amp.
Nowaday it means something a little more complex, because bullet mics
through tube amps are now thoroughly traditional--in other words, the sound
strongly evokes a particular place and time and technology (urban America,
mid-late 20th century).  You need more than that to get outside the

If the audience sees me play, they know I'm playing a harmonica even if
they can't quite figure out how I'm getting the sound.  Otherwise, they may
not know that a particular sound is being made by a harmonica.  Fine by me.
Guitar players have been getting away with the kind of stuff for years.

So: do I want people to think I'm playing a harmonica?  Sure, why not?  Do
I want them to think, where's the organ?  Sure, why not?  If the band could
use an organ and it doesn't have one, sounds like a good opportunity for a
harp player with a coupla hundred bucks worth of FX.  Said harp player
might learn some interesting and useful things about playing like an
organist, too.  Win-win-win.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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