[Harp-L] DM 48 Midi Harmonica- Thinking outside the box/ or maybe inside?

Burke Trieschmann burket@xxxxx
Tue May 30 19:34:28 EDT 2017

 Hi Harp-L-ians:

I've yet to try the DM 48, but hoping to jump in the pool at some point as it has lots of potential as a midi controller.  As a recording engineer, I had early experience with many midi based instruments when the Midi Spec first came out, and their integration into recording studio setups.  As such, I have collected quite a few high end midi keyboards and sound modules over the years which were used on many recordings and projects.

With current discussions about sound sources and the advent of software based instruments its quite easy to get sounds for the DM 48 from Garage Band and other sources.
However, (here's the inside and outside the box part), a dedicated midi module/ synth can offer stand alone functionality, high end sound sources, and also compatibility with computer workstations and multi midi based systems.

I am about to sell off a classic Roland Module, the JV- 880 (expanded with the World Music sound bank of really cool instruments).
I thought I'd mention it here to see if there is any interest before hitting the eBay auctions.  This is a one rack space unit with some of the top Roland Synth and Sampled instruments. 

More info here:  http://www.vintagesynth.com/roland/jv880.php
This could work "stand alone" plugged into an amp and controlled by the DM-48 (a USB to Midi Cable converter would be needed), and also integrated into a full computer recording setup.

If anyone on the list is interested, please contact me off list for more info and pricing. 
I also will be selling other vintage sound modules as well from Emu, and Akai.


Burke Trieschmann- Audio Producer
Open Door Productions

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