[Harp-L] Seydel re-ups Double Richter (SBS tuning)

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Fri May 26 00:46:18 EDT 2017

SBS resolves in 13 holes as does the Lucky 13.  A 12 hole doesn't do the 
same thing the 13 hole does because you cannot play it with octaves on 
the lower end plus you lose the split bends.  Hohner made the SBS on a 
365/14 body because that's what they had.  That 14th hole doesn't 
usually work very well, tiny short stub of a reed.  Agree, the Harp 
Handbook is where I first learned of this tuning. I do have an original 
Lucky 13 in a Brendan Power handmade version where he fused combs 
together to make the 13 hole body, it' in an unusual key, Bb.  Kevin's 
Harps had a lot of these oddball tunings, Low A is the one I bit on but 
he had sharp and flat keys too.  This tuning answered a question I had 
been asking.  I use these a lot in performance.  I don't much play a 
normal 10 hole F and haven't for decades, I use the C and D and G a 
bunch too.

Kudos to Winslow for his Lucky 13 video, I think he nailed the Zeitgeist 
of what this tuning is really good at.  Or maybe I mean the Gestalt? 
Whatever, mostly I see people play this tuning and not get what it's 
good at.  Moving beyond what you'd do with a 10 hole is a good first 
step.  I'm gonna take it back about first reading about the SBS in the 
Harp Handbook, it might well have been in HIP or maybe I'm conflating 
the 365 article.  I've misplaced my 5 HIP issues so no way to check that 
until they re-emerge.  By the way, when is issue 6 coming out?   HIP is 
Harmonica Information Publication, Winslow Yerxa was the publisher.  An 
amazing resource.

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