[Harp-L] How I wrote and recorded "Why Should I Make History"

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Mon May 22 07:24:08 EDT 2017

"Why Should I Make History," the 10th song on my 21st century rock
harmonica record "The Lucky One," explores a paradox that's fascinated me
for years: why do we mean so much to each other, and so little to history?
 (Yeah, I know: speak for yourself.)  The song's style is traditional
(horn-driven) rock.  The harmonica parts on this piece were recorded (of
course) with an Audix Fireball V mic and a Digitech RP500, plus another
trick or two from my bag.  Check out the post on my website to get the full


This is the seventh post in my series on how the harps and FX for "The
Lucky One" were recorded.  In other words, we're more than halfway
through.  Thanks to all the people who've checked in to hear and read about
"The Lucky One!"  Stay tuned for news about a live internet performance
this fall with this band and songs.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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