[Harp-L] More DM-48 impressions

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Sat May 20 14:25:02 EDT 2017

Playing around with my DM-48 this morning.

I'm on a Windows 10 system.  I've left the Reason demo/Electro-Acoustic
Waves voices behind and figured out how to set up my DM-48 with my regular
DAW, Presonus Studio One 3 which comes with a plug in called "Presence"
which has many many nice patches for all sorts of woodwinds, horns, synths,
guitars, fx, etc.

One really nice thing about this set up is that it let's me SEE every note
I play on a real time keyboard!   My harmonica is no longer a "blind"
instrument.   I can see exactly what's happening when I do splits and
tongue blocking and everything else I play.   Wow.  It kind of feels like
cheating, but it sure is educational.

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