[Harp-L] The DM48 can play 24 notes or more on a single hole!

Shirley, John John_Shirley@xxxxx
Tue May 16 03:11:16 EDT 2017


I just posted another video demonstrating just that: 24 notes on a single hole. This is simply a proof of concept/demo video, but I hope it will inspire creative thinking about possible uses of this exciting new instrument.

The Lekholm DM48 MIDI harmonica’s two “slider” buttons let users play up to 8 notes on a single hole. When you include bends, you can easily increase that to 16… or 24+ with some practice and programming.


My last video demonstrated how the DM48 can be used to play multiple instrument sounds on a single song, but it also utilized the sliders to increase note availability for the walking bass lines squeezing them all into convenient symmetrical patterns on the first 3 holes. Furthermore, by taking advantage of synthesizer logic algorithms, the five different keyboard chords were all triggered on a single hole! That left 8 holes free to solo in a Richter style tuning.

That video:

John Shirley, Professor of Music
UMass Lowell

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