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Harp House Episode 15: Custom Harmonicas and Midwest Harmonica Workshop


Connor recently started a thread on “Harmonica Gear” Facebook page that
turned into a great discussion, where many people weighed in the value of
custom harmonicas. “Harmonica Gear” Facebook page can be found here:


Additionally, HarpHouse interviewed Sean Whalin O’Phelan, founder of the
MidWest Harmonica Workshop, to talk about the workshop and who will be

Midwest Harmonica Workshop is a Harmonica Instructional Weekend happening
in several locations throughout the year. It is ideal for all levels of
experience. A wide variety of classes, Performances, Jams, Discussion,
resources, prize packs, raffles, and so much more! Learn from the best in
the business. Register and find out more at www.midwestharmonica.com

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